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Prof. Stefano Bettati


Professore Ordinario


Università di Parma


Medicina e Chirurgia





Full Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Parma, Director of the Department of Medicine and Surgery. Member of the Academic Senate, Associate to National Research Council (CNR) – Institute of Biophysics, Council Member of the Interdepartmental Measurements Center “G. Casnati”, Biopharmanet-Tec laboratory (Interdepartmental center for the innovation of health products), SITEIA (Interdepartmental center for food safety technology innovation), head of the Biophysics and Medical Physics lab of the University of Parma.

Teaching activities concern the course of Medical Physics for the single cycle Master degree in Medicine and Surgery (Italian course, Parma, and international course, Piacenza), Applied Physics and Non Ionizing Radiations courses for BS Health Professions degrees, and courses for healthcare specialization schools.

The scientific activities are mainly concerned with the analysis of protein structure, function and dynamics in solution, in the crystalline state and in nanoporous matrices (GFPs, hemoglobins, proteins depending on vitamin B6 as a cofactor, transcription factors), by spectroscopic and microscopic techniques (circular dichroism, fluorescence, single crystal microspectrophotometry, HDX mass spectrometry, STD-NMR, Cryo-EM). Special effort is devoted to exploit in the biomedical field the acquired information on protein structure and regulatory mechanisms, e.g. testing the potential application of chemically or genetically modified hemoglobins for oxygen transport in vivo or organ preservation, or contributing to the development of enzyme inhibitors potentially useful as innovative antibiotics or enhancers of the efficacy of antibacterial drugs.

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